History books for the Lutherian Cause

By Dietrich Hakelberg

One of the oldest printed library catalogues was recently discovered at the Herzog August Library in Wolfenbüttel. The single-leaf print from 1575 recorded a generous donation with hidden depths.

A unique catalogue in poster format: this single-leaf print from 1575 records Carl Wolfgang Rehlinger’s generous donation of books to Augsburg’s preacher [Augsburg: Valentin Schönig, 1575]. (Herzog August Library, Wolfenbüttel: Bc Kapsel 19 [7].

From Newspaper Rumour to Card Game: The Intermedial "Faust"

Carsten Rohde

Goethe’s Faust first appeared in an imaginary medium – a rumour. In 1777/78, various journals in Germany printed stories claiming that Lessing, as well as Goethe, were writing poetic works about that late medieval “arch sorcerer” and practitioner of  “black magic” who was poised to become...

»Doktor Faust«, Theaterzettel einer Aufführung aus dem Jahre 1811, ohne Ortsangabe © Klassik Stiftung Weimar / HAAB

Budapest, Belgrád rakpart 2. An evening with Ágnes Heller remembering Commissioner Lukács

Stephan Schlak

Budapest, winter 1956 – “Now I am simply happy that you’re healthy.” With this expression of relief, the young 27-year-old philosopher Ágnes Heller began her first letter to her academic mentor and teacher, her “dear comrade Lukács”. A correspondence fraught with political risk. At that...

Georg Lukacs‘ berühmter Schreibtisch, auf dem griffbereit Zigarre und Kalender liegen. Die Wohnung in einem Mietshaus an der Donau wurde 1972 von der Ungarischen Akademie der Wissenschaften übernommen und kann noch heute besichtigt werden.

Fire-breathing dragons on foam wedge cushions – a lesson in handling a psalter

Friederike Wolpert

In the reading room at the Bibliotheca Augusta – the main library building of the Herzog August Library in Wolfenbüttel – researchers work with the research library's manuscript collections. I had ordered Cod. Guelf. 1147 Helmst., a fifteenth-century psalter and prayer book. The manuscript...

Detail of a dragon and initial in the Cod. Guelf. 1147 Helmst., a psalter from the 15th century.

The Hound Pants and the Stag Bells - How images influence our understanding of psalms

Ursula Kundert

When translating, it is not always easy to find the perfect balance between producing a faithful reproduction of an original and expressing it in a contemporary form. With regard to a poetic book of the Bible, e. g. the Psalms, faithful reproduction also means expressing the formal...

Event poster for a concert on 24 October 2011 by the North Hessian Chamber Choir featuring Psalm 42,2 set to music, based on Luther’s and English translations.