MWW Goes San Diego

From Stefan Höppner

For the second year in a row, the MWW participated with a panel the German Studies Association (GSA). The GSA holds its annual conference in a different American city every year and draws over 1,000 participants. In November 2016 they went to San Diego.

Skyline of San Diego ©Pixabay
Die Skyline von San Diego ©Pixabay

The Provocation of Books

Caroline Jessen

Books play a prominent role in the discourse on Jewish “cultural heritage” destroyed in Germany after 1933. Especially in Israel, the remnants of personal libraries shipped to Palestine from Europe by Jewish citizens, symbolise a culture of reading in past tense – as well as a latent overload of memory.


Remnants: German language books. Photo: Caroline Jessen

History books for the Lutherian Cause

By Dietrich Hakelberg

One of the oldest printed library catalogues was recently discovered at the Herzog August Library in Wolfenbüttel. The single-leaf print from 1575 recorded a generous donation with hidden depths.

A unique catalogue in poster format: this single-leaf print from 1575 records Carl Wolfgang Rehlinger’s generous donation of books to Augsburg’s preacher [Augsburg: Valentin Schönig, 1575]. (Herzog August Library, Wolfenbüttel: Bc Kapsel 19 [7].