“They're always advertising photos" – the portrait of an author from a photographer's point of view

Hole Rößler speaks with Susanne Schleyer

The Frankfurt Book Fair kicks off in the middle of October, the annual highlight of the literature market, for which publishing houses prepare months in advance. But content alone is not the only factor that determines a book’s success. It’s also important that the author is well-received by his or her audience.

Staging Pure - the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, deep in garbage bags. © Susanne Schleyer /

„Furrowed brow and chin in hand“

Hole Rößler

During the “Future Day” event at the Herzog August Bibliothek, school children learned about the project “Politics for the Image” – and demonstrated a keen sense for judging the credibility of authors’ portraits.

F. W. Brandshagen: Hermann Hamelmann. Aus: Opera Genealogico-Historica de Westphalia & Saxonia Inferiori. Lemgo: Meyer, 1711 (Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel, A 8771).