German Literature Archive Marbach

The German Literature Archive is one of the most eminent literary institutions worldwide. On the basis of its collections it arranges and explores important records pertaining to the history of literature, ideas, and scholarship from the 19th up to the 21st century. Regionally, it acts as a centre of literary life and cultural education. Nationally, it is the most important centre of the collection and arrangement of German literature since the beginning of the modern era. Internationally, it is among the most renowned institutions of the humanities in Germany. It collaborates on all levels with universities as well as other research and collecting institutions, complementing one another in terms of their respective key focuses.

The collections are made available for research and to the public through the library, the archive, and the museums (Schiller National Museum and Museum of Modern Literature). They provide a testimony to the creation, distribution, reception, interpretation, and exploration of works of the history of literature, ideas, and scholarship, and the lives and minds of their authors, in the form of handwritten, printed, audio-visual, and digital material, as well as images and objects.

Comprising the core of the collections are the literary estates of prominent writers, intellectuals, and scholars, as well as the archives of institutions, such as the archive of the publishing house Suhrkamp Verlag. Alongside these is the largest German library of sources and research material for literature in German and literary studies from the Age of Enlightenment to the present day.

Access to the collections is open to all who require the material for their work. Details of the entire collection are made available via worldwide electronic access in the form of the cataloguing system Kallías. Members of staff with specialised knowledge are always ready to assist. Their competence and knowledge of the collections find their expression in exhibitions and catalogues, in fundamental works of reference (edited publications, bibliographies, encyclopaedias), and in scholarly presentations.